How to Build Mining Rig – Beginners Guide

In the case of Ethereum, a mining is actually a process of having the computers which are all continuously running a hashing algorithm taking an arbitrarily huge amount of information and compresses it to the string of numbers and letters of the fixed length. This hashing algorithm used by the Ethereum is actually known as the ethash. The following guide is very useful for the beginners who are all looking forward to build mining rig casually. This online guide targets to offer you information regarding some of the based hardware selections with the proper reasons behind them.

Most of the people already have a CPU (Central Processing Unit) put together and they are looking to add some other components for the best mining process. For such folks, a primary consideration should be your GPU. You can simple add a better one and move on down the road in order to get the various benefits.

Everything About Your GPU:

GPU is nothing but the Graphics card which combines with the CPU to mine your necessary details in a simpler manner. The hash rate which is also known as the mining speed has been decided only from your graphics card (GPU). The best type of mining GPU will in fact product a suitable hash rate of about 2.5 Mh per second where as the excellent mining CPU will product the hash rate of about 0.5 Mh per second. With this main reason, most of the experts are telling the beginners to consider the great mining GPU when you have decided to build the mining rig. Besides the speed of mining, another main factor to consider is the power draw.

The graphics card of your computer will consume a lot of power when it is the fastest one. In order to reduce your power consumption, it is better going to the slower card but the most efficient option for your mining. If you purchase a mother board which provides greater support to the multiple graphics card, then you can surely have more numbers of miners running at the similar time. It will allow you to mine more with the multiple numbers of slower graphics cards for the best efficiency or simple mine possibly maximum level from the Mh per second standpoint.

Understand the Need of CPU in Building Mining Rig:

  • CPU mining is definitely more of the bonus to everyone. This central processing unit is the highly necessary thing to run your computer but at the same time you have to buy the fastest CPU to increase your mining speed.
  • You should have a CPU which has a tendency of mining about 0.1 to 0.5 Mh per second.
  • CPU mining capabilities should be greater for all types of your mining needs.
  • If the people would like to get the maximum mining speed in the CPU, you have to spend more expenses.
  • Thus, CPU mining is too expensive as compared to the GPU mining process.


RAM or Random Access Memory which is the most important component in all computers is actually a scratchpad for recalling information and jotting down calculations quickly in the computer. You should have 4 GB RAM space for doing this job.

Hard Drive:

When it comes to the hard drive consideration to build your mining rig, you must have to use SSD hard drive which has the capacity to store more data. Your SSD drive should at least have 120 GB storage space for your mining needs.

Power Supply Unit:

For the mining process, power supply unit (PSU) is a main consideration for everyone. It usually comes in various sizes and it can also trip up some of the people when they are looking at a process of calculating what size they require. First of all, you should calculate the power consumption of your GPU and all other computer components to choose the most suitable choice of power supply unit. According to the GPU and other components, you should need 690 watts to 1200 watts PSU for doing this process.

Software for Your Ethereum Mining Rig:

  • The first thing you have to do is installing a suitable operating system (OS) on your computer.
  • For the normal persons, Windows operating system is enough to handle this mining process and you can also go for the Linux Ubuntu OS when you are more technically minded.
  • If you are a beginner, it is better going to the Windows OS which is probably the best to automate installing drivers for your system to communicate correctly amongst all other components.
  • When you are going to the Ubuntu, it will give you the benefits of more options for completely free of cost.

You can download and install the most suitable, best and reliable software which is specifically designed application for the Ethereum mining. It is better going to the app with the bespoke mining system for managing your GPU and also mining rigs. When you have installed OS on your computer and also the mining software, you will surely get the two different ways to start your mining process. They include,

  • Solo mining – Solo mining is nothing but it’s you next to the rest.
    When your hash is perfect, then you can able to succeed the block prize. You are not getting ether very frequently with the rig of few Mh per second and also the network hashing control.
  • Pool mining – It is another way to do the ethereum mining rig. In this method of mining, you can join with the team of other miners in order to reduce the volatility of your returns. It means that you will get 1 ether every day with the advantage of getting continuous stream of ether. With this benefit, you don’t need to download the entire blockchain.

While building a mining rig, you can build what you need and you can also reuse the old components which are powerful enough for your mining process.

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