How Much can you Make Mining Ethereum?

Ethereum is the open software platform based on blockchain technology and it enables the developers to deploy and build decentralized applications. Main advantage of ethereum over bitcoin is that it might support different types of the decentralized applications. After bitcoin, Ethereum is second largest market cap which is gained more popularity. Ethereum is the distributed public blockchain network and it has plenty of real life uses like healthcare, banking and supply chain. There are plenty of ways are there to get ether such as

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Mining

Cryptocurrency exchange can work like foreign exchanges. You can sell, buy or trade cryptocurrencies to other traditional currencies or digital currencies. Mining originates from gold analogy of cryptocurrency sphere. Cryptocurrency mining is the process of solving difficult math problems. Miners are people and they can spend energy and time to solve those kinds of math problems. At the same time, they can offer solution to issuers who verify and reward miners with the block of ether. Cryptocurrency mining might include ethereum and bitcoin which is useful to make profit. All miners must to check certain statistics like coin network current difficulty, electrical costs which is associated with mining and mining hardware hash rate execution.

How to Start Ethereum Mining?

If you are a newbie to the ethereum mining, you must know about hash rate and hash is mathematic problem and miner must to be answer. The rate at which miner solve this problem is called as hash rate. As number of the miners joining ethereum network maximizes, computer like GPU, CPU or ASICs is available to mine get better which can offer higher hash rate. Mining difficulty is the measure of how difficult which is to find out solution to mathematical problem. Ethereum network is especially made to produce steady number of coins in every few minutes. As hash rate of computer increases, mathematical problem might get more difficult to solve. In a modern world most of the miners join ethereum network. If you are looking to earn ether by mining then you must concern about two things such as

  • Difficulty of mining blocks
  • Hash rate of your GPUS and mining rig

If you are looking to mine ethereum, you must meet some general requirements like have at least one GPU with at least 3GB of RAM. Some of the gaming laptop is having high end cards. There are presently no ASICs for ethereum and ASIC is still profitable for certain kinds of mining.

Reasons to Mine Ethereum

Ethereum mining is best option to earn money and there are plenty of reasons are there to mine ethereum such as

  • Mining could be best way to support financially purchase of the new and high end GPU.
  • It is easily traded for the bitcoin and it is one of the cheapest ways to slowly build up the holding position.
  • It could be easily traded for the cash and mining ETH could be best ways to fill up holding position. It might be sold directly on certain major exchanges like Bitfinex, Gemini and BTC-e.
  • Mining could be cheap entry ticket to ethereum markets and it is loved by traders for its high volatility. You can maximize your profits by using ethereum mining.
  • All transactions in ethereum is encapsulated within the discrete blocks and this kind of the block is comparable to batches of transactions.

Ethereum is using different hashing algorithm to bitcoin and it can make it incompatible with specific hashing software which is developed for the bitcoin mining. Basically ethereum algorithm is called as the ethash. Once you clearly understand ethereum blockchain and necessary concepts like difficulty then it is the best time performs economical calculations. Etherscan’s mining calculator is providing up to date figures for present price, network hash rate and block time. You can enter that information in the cryptowizzard mining calculator which lets you to set your electricity costs that is most important one to determine profitability. After that choose graphic card that you intend to use for the mining. Calculator can automatically enter appropriate power consumption and hash rate. Final step, you must enter your electricity price that is shown at your utility bill.

Excellent Ways to Earn Money From Ethereum Mining

Earning money on ethereum mining is not easiest task and you must follow some effective tips to avoid some problems. If you are willing to mining ethereum on your personal computer, then you must follow some effective tips such as

  • Get your video card drivers installed
  • Try to acquire ethereum wallet address
  • Get blockchain
  • Setup your wallet
  • Install wallet from the authorized site
  • Download claymore ethereum miner
  • Before mining tweak some window settings
  • Join mining pool and configure mining bat file

Difficulty is to continue its established rising trend and price could be extremely unpredictable. Ethereum is scheduled for switching to proof of the stake mode at unspecified date. Choosing the gps software is necessary one when you are looking to involve in mining. The card must be 3 gigs of RAM because of growing DAG file which is used in ethereum proof of work. Ethereum network is one of the significant developments in cryptocurrency scene, it has launched new developments in blockchain technology. Ethereum and ethereum mining produced excellent opportunities to earn together with the payment convenience. As everyone knows it involves ASIC resistant algorithm which mean it is difficult to make dedicated hardware. People can mine their own ether with ordinary desktop computer. Normal CPU processor can perform effective ethereum mining operations. You must require ethereum mining software which connects you to network and mining pool. For a starter, you must know about process of mining and try the information as you need. You are always advisable to learn strategies, study technique which is beneficial to you. You can do all of your mining at home and it is the best opportunities to expand ethereum mining scope and try to follow some unique techniques.


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