How to Mine Ethereum in a Pool?

A mining pool is operated by bunch of miners and they work mutually and their mining shares split-up by them equally. First of all, you should know how to mine ethereum in a pool and also how to install the software to receive your computer mining with its amazing graphics card. However, this is not a complete process and when you mine ethereum, initially you need to get a chance of discovering a block that is extremely little considering the sum amount of hashing control in the network. One of the best options is joining a mining pool to soften the volatility of returns and also get to know more about the following major advantages of joining an ethereum mining pool:

  • Ensure you have an address

In order to mine ethereum, the main thing you need to have is an address that you can receive from the EthDev wallet. Basically, it is a nice medium to do perfectly the similar process. The major reasons you require an address is telling the pool, where you can pay your money. Also, one of the most important things to remember is that does not require syncing the block chain; because the mining pool provider will actually do this for you.

  • Linking to a pool
  • Once you have got an address, you begin to start ethminer. In case, if you have not installed properly, you can simply to do so by just following the steps given below:


  • Initially, you have to download the ethminer that creates your CPU or GPU process the jumble algorithm, which is essential to safe the ethereum network due to its work. You can also download this and get the perfect version by simply scrolling down to the bottom of a page.
  • The next step is clicking on a download option and then click install. Your firewall may cause many problems, if does so you just click allow. This is same for the windows too, but it does not approve or recognize the software. You just want to tell ok, when asked. All you need to do is clicking through the installation process, until the ethminer is installed.
  • Now, you want to open the command prompt, and then you are going to obtain the two scary appearing boxes. You can simply click on your previously opened command prompt in a taskbar at the bottom of a page and then click on command prompt in the menu that looks. You can open the new command prompt in the following path: C:\users\username>. Actually, this is a not a right place to search for ethminer, so you want to tell it to find the perfect place.
  • In the recently assessed command prompt, you just type “cd\” that should appear like this: “C:\users\username>cd /” and then tap enter. Now, you should also see “C :\>”. If you want to make your command at the C: / drive, but not your user file, you can just use the “change directory” or “cd” command.
  • Now, you just enter in cd prog and then press on Tab button. This will look like “C :\> cd prog” and then again press Tab that would automatically finish the phrase for closest fit in the C drive. Once you enter the Tab button, you can see C:/> cd “Program Files” and then tap on Enter, which will offer you a unique line just say: C:/ Program Files>.
  • Finally, you should insert in cd cpp and then press enter Tab. This would take you into the recently uploaded ethereum mining software file. You can see this after pressing a tab C:\Program Files>cd cpp-ethereum and press Enter provides you C:\Program Files\cpp-ethereum>
  • Now, you receive an ethereum address and you have easily installed the ethminer up and running it. Now, you tell the ethminer to connect to your mining pool and then telling the mining pool, where to send your address.
  • Finally, selecting ethereum mining pool that could be quiet tricky and also look out for the guide to know how and why to choose them. Thus, you are connected and mining as well as you should begin getting the ethereum to your address.

Which Mining Pool are you Using for Ethereum?

When it comes to mining ethereum, there are multiple mining pools available now. Based on a pool, you can start mining your ethereum in the best way. During mining, you just try out the following pools:

  • Miner gate

Several currencies available

Simple and neat interface

Multicurrency client

Hash rate between miner and miner gate dashboard

No view on the past days or hours

  • Nano pool

Low threshold payout

Top average hash rate

Large discrepancies between miner and their dashboard

  • Dwarf pool

Simple and straightforward

Very basic dashboard, so complex to read graphs

Higher than average hash rate

  • Nice hash

No need for a wallet in each currency

Best overview on both the past and the present performance

Manage to obtain decent money out of it

  • Ethpool

Neat and practical interface

Predictable solo mining

Need a lot of time for payouts

A Guide to Mine Ethereum on Your PC

If you are a beginner to mining ethereum, this tutorial will covers all the major essential facts in a simple way. At present, getting started with ethereum mining is much simpler than ever. For this, you do not need to download the complete ethereum block chain, but you need to use the famous miner. It is better to have the existing version of miner and follow the procedure properly.

Steps to Mine Ethereum on Windows PC

First of all you need to go through the following steps given below to know about the mine ethereum on windows PC.

  • Initially, you have to install GETH, sync the block chain and make your own address
  • Install the mining software and then beginning to mine

However, these are hassle free methods to mine ethereum. Also, if you want to know how to transfer funds from your wallet, you just check out the guide on how to mine ethereum transaction in a pool.

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